Those of you waiting on the release of Enigmatic Machines’ winter Survival Horror game Expedition Zero can rest easy (or not), as the game is out now on PC. Coinciding with the release of Expedition Zero is the new launch trailer, which debuted at the Future Game Show.

Expedition Zero places you in rural Siberia as the last person alive after a scientific survey went awry. Trapped in an abandoned military research zone surrounded by inescapable walls, lack of resources, hostile weather and hunger, these soon become the least of your worries. Out in the dark come the growls of some unseen creature that roams the forests looking for a meal.

You’ll have to work between rest to not only scavenge for supplies for crafting (and surviving), but also take the fight to the monster itself (if you can). That includes the use of a mecha suit (seriously), which you can upgrade by utilizing deserted tech. Get stronger with each passing day while discovering the weaknesses of the wicked beast to face it in a deadly duel.

Not only that, you’ll have to work to uncover government secrets as to just what’s really been going on in the frozen wastes.

Expedition Zero is available for USD $19.99 on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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