Buying a dog can bring you happiness and joy. In fact, a survey from the National Accident Helpline discovered that 87 percent of Brits found that their dog calmed them during stressful situations. But there’s a lot of commitment required to look after a dog, at the same time. Below, we explore what you should think about before getting a dog.

1. Do I have the time?

Looking after the dog requires plenty of time and patience. During the puppy stage, you’ll need to be attentive and present for much of the day to guide them through the development stage of their life. If you’re often busy during the day, then maybe a dog isn’t right for you currently.

2. Do I have a suitable environment for a dog?

You also need a suitable environment for a dog. For instance, larger breeds such as Labradors might struggle in a tight apartment. At the same time, if you have a garden, it should be enclosed to ensure that your dog doesn’t escape.

3. Can I feed a dog?

Puppies will usually have three meals a day, while grown dogs will have two. If you want to look after a dog, you need to be present to feed them. 

4. Can I train a dog?

Training a dog can be difficult or simple, depending on the breed. If you’re not confident training a dog, ensure that you pick a breed that’s famed for obedience. Taking your dog to puppy training classes will also help with this process.

5. Can I afford a dog?

You should also ask yourself if you can afford a dog. Aside from their food, you’ll need to regularly pay for insurance, vet costs, vaccinations, worming treatment, neutering, a bed, and kennel fees. 

6. Is a dog the right pet for me?

dog the right pet for me

Ultimately, you should consider all these factors when asking yourself if a dog is a right pet for you. Even if you love dogs and really want to look after one, it’s not fair if you don’t have the time, money, or home for them.

A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family. If you decide that you’re in the right situation to buy one, all that’s left is to decide the breed! Look at your space and ask your family, before buying yourself a new little four-legged companion. 

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