A new year presented a new challenge for Tyler Perry to cast his vote in Georgia’s runoff election.

On Monday, the entertainment mogul shared on social media that he still had not received his absentee ballot for Tuesday’s election, one that pits Democrats Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff against Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in respective races that will ultimately determine the control of the U.S. Senate. “Is anyone else having this problem,” he tweeted to his 6.4 million followers. The lob was caught by thousands of people, most notably voting rights activist Stacey Abrams who answered, “We’ve got you,” followed by instructions on how to vote in person.

So that’s what Perry did.

He revealed today that he flew home to Georgia to cast his ballot, though its unclear where he traveled from as Perry has multiple homes in addition to a home base and historic studio in Atlanta. “All right, my absentee ballot never came, so I just left voting in person, so y’all get out and vote, get out and vote, get out and vote,” Perry offered in a clip posted to both Twitter and Instagram, showing him inside a vehicle with a peach voting sticker on his chest. He also tweeted that the election was “too important to miss. Too important to miss!”

Perry has been promoting voting in the runoff election despite his distaste for politics. “I do not like politics,” he posted on Instagram last week. “I do not like being involved with it. I don’t, at all. But every now and then, there’s something that comes along that is so important that we all have to stop and pay attention.”

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