The Trump Baby Blimp — the famed giant inflatable creation depicting the outgoing president as a screaming, diapered infant clutching a mobile phone — is heading to a museum just as its namesake departs the White House.

The Museum of London has revealed that it had added the 20-foot balloon — which made headlines after flying over the Houses of Parliament as part of widespread protests to mark Trump’s visit to London in July 2018 — to its collection as an illustration of those protests.

“By collecting the baby blimp we can mark the wave of feeling that washed over the city that day and capture a particular moment of resistance — a feeling still relevant today as we live through these exceptionally challenging times — that ultimately shows Londoners banding together in the face of extreme adversity,” said the museum’s director Sharon Ament.

The blimp attracted global attention in 2018 after London mayor Sadiq Khan — who had been personally attacked by Trump via Twitter — gave permission for it to fly above the city during the president’s initial visit. The decision was attacked by notable Trump backers (or at least at the time) Rudy Giuliani and Nigel Farage, who said it was the “biggest insult to a sitting U.S. President ever” (several on Twitter pointed out that a number of sitting U.S. presidents had been shot).

“We hope the baby’s place in the museum will stand as a reminder of when London stood against Trump — but will prompt those who see it to examine how they can continue the fight against the politics of hate,” said the team behind the Trump Baby Blimp, which was originally launched as a crowdfunding campaign. “This large inflatable was just a tiny part of a global movement — a movement that was led by the marginalized people … Trump’s politics most endangered.”

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