Tiffany Haddish is ready for interns.

The actress and producer has partnered with Ready to Succeed to launch an internship program that will place foster youth in positions at her She Ready Prods. Set to kick off in 2021, it will provide access and opportunity while also serving as a pipeline for talent that could lead to a more inclusive industry. Those who land the gig will get more than just a job. The She Ready Internship Program provides paid internships, mentorship and a “suitcase” packed with resources that will help ready them for work. In addition to paychecks, She Ready has committed to providing financial stipends that will help cover transportation and other work-related expenses.

The inaugural program is open to foster youth and/or systems involved youth between 18 and 25 years old. Those who apply but are not selected will have a consolation prize in the form of industry and career-readiness events. All interns will receive professional development training and an internship orientation provided by Ready to Succeed. As for the importance of the program, Haddish says, “I believe that children that come from different cultures deserve a chance to work in the industry and I would like people that look like me to be able to represent me too in the industry.”

Haddish knows the challenges that face foster children as she spent time in various programs in her youth as a result of her mother’s near-fatal car accident. During an appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix show, she said, “You’re dropped in these strangers’ houses, you don’t know these people, these people don’t know you, you don’t know if they’re going to hurt you, if they’re going to be kind, you don’t have a clue what’s going on.” She also described the feeling of getting her first suitcase, something her interns will receive. “I felt like I was a traveler, like I had a purpose, like I’m a person, like I’m not garbage, I got this — it’s mine, and my things are in here, and wherever I go I can take this with me and I’m going somewhere.”

The She Ready Internship Program launches with confirmed sponsors United Talent Agency, Kovert Creative, Artists First and HBO with other slots available for either platinum or gold sponsorships. Intern applications and more information is available now.

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