The world of The Walking Dead is coming to a close this year for the likes of Daryl, Carol, Maggie, and Rosita in the AMC show. Elsewhere, the dead continue to shamble on for new horizons. With new shows, beverages, and a game, of sorts, arriving.

Skybound and Genvid have announced a massively interactive live event based in the world of Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic. Titled The Walking Dead: Last Mile, this Facebook exclusive will be a hybrid of game and interactive television show. It will feature brand new protagonists and a story that plays out live on a minute-by-minute basis. Its mixture of show and game means people can choose to just watch the action unfurl, or get involved in various ways.

The game aspect of the project will be handled by Pipeworks Studios, who helped create Genvid’s previous MILE Facebook exclusive Rival Peaks.

Genvid claims that massively interactive live events, or MILEs are a brand new format for interactive entertainment. They fuse live streaming events with communal experiences to give participants the opportunity to make a real impact on the event with their actions. With The Walking Dead: Last Mile, players could end up deciding the fate of individual characters.

the walking dead last mile 2

In a statement prepared for the announcement, Robert Kirkman was enthusiastic about the project.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this new MILE experience that will take place in The Walking Dead universe, where fans can play games and influence this new world and its inhabitants as a community. With The Walking Dead: Last Mile, audience members can stream a living, breathing world of The Walking Dead, working collectively and individually to impact the story at every turn. We’re excited to collaborate with our partners Genvid and Facebook to bring this pioneering vision to life.”

There are currently no details on what the plot will be, nor how long the event will run for. We also don’t know if there are any established characters involved. The title image suggests we’ll see some wintery scenes along the way though. Seeing as it begins in Summer, perhaps that’s a clue as to its potential endgame?

The event will begin this Summer on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch, and more details will be revealed in the coming months.

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