Last month, it was revealed that Supermassive Games, aka the folks behind The Dark Pictures Anthology, had trademarked a new title by the name of The Quarry. There wasn’t much more info about the project at the time, but that all changes tomorrow.

Supermassive Games took to Twitter to announce that they’ll be revealing The Quarry tomorrow, an “all-new horror experience“, tomorrow at 9am PT/12pm ET. The game will be published by 2K Games, and is coming this Summer.

As for what The Quarry is about, that’s where the speculation comes in. The brief teaser trailer in the tweet involves a summer camp, counsellors, a policeman, and “something [that] jumped out in front” of said counsellors on their way to the camp. The moon focus could mean werewolves, which would fit in with the idea of the counsellors as prey, aka the “quarry”.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

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