Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally directly addressed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war between the two countries, telling President Vladimir Putin to “fuck off and go home” during the 2022 Independent Spirit Awards on Sunday. 

After returning from a commercial break, the co-hosts took a moment to show their solidarity with and support for Ukraine. Offerman began by telling the audience that they’d like to send best wishes “to those affected by the war in Ukraine and all unjust conflicts around the world.”

“I think we speak for everyone here when we say we are hoping for a quick and peaceful resolution. Specifically, fuck off and go home Putin,” Mullally followed up, to audience cheers and applause.

Offerman reiterated Mullally’s “fuck off” sentiment before asking the crowd to join together to send Putin off “with a Spirit Awards salute” as he and Mullally both held up their middle fingers to the camera.

The couple and co-hosts ended their statement by reminding Independent Spirit Awards attendees and viewers to donate to the various humanitarian and aid organizations that are supporting people still in the country as well as to the growing community of Ukrainian refugees.

“There are a lot of great organizations raising money for Ukrainian refugees, so please give what you can to help the victims of this senseless act of aggression,” they said.

During a virtual, pre-taped acceptance speech following her best supporting female win, Ruth Negga told the audience that she’d like to “express her solidarity with Ukraine.”

Later in the show, best cinematography winner Eduard Grau (Passing) emotionally expressed that he could not “imagine what it would mean for us to be running away from our homes like the Ukrainians that are at war right now,” in a pre-recorded and edited acceptance.

But best feature presenter and actor Javier Bardem would be the last of the night’s show of support around the crisis in Ukraine, with the Being the Ricardos star stating, “I want to express my support to the Ukrainian population and for a diplomatic and peaceful resolution to this horrible, horrible situation for so many.”

In the weeks following Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, industry members have used social media to vocalize their support of the nation’s people. Studios including Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony have paused the release of upcoming titles in the country while Netflix recently suspended service in the country.

Meanwhile, international film festivals including Cannes, have also banned Russian state-backed films and delegations from their upcoming events following calls to boycott Russia from members of the Ukrainian film industry.

The 2022 Independent Spirit Awards were held in-person on the beach in Santa Monica for the first time in two years.

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