Sophie Turner has revealed that her acting has been greatly influenced by her becoming a mom. 

In a new interview with The Wrap, the 26-year-old actress shared that motherhood has made her a better actress. She stated that since welcoming her daughter Willa, whom she shared with husband Joe Jonas, her perspective on things has changed:

“The concept of family has made me an entirely much more emotional person. The empathy is heightened; the feelings about family are just like overflowing.

It’s made me a better actor for becoming, you know, becoming a mother.”

Sophie also spoke more about her craft, saying:

“As an actor, you know, the only way to become a really brilliant actor is to experience as much life as possible and to bring those experiences in, and so this is just another little part of life that I’m experiencing that I get to bring in and hopefully it helps my performance one way or another.”


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