Snoop Dogg has revealed that his mother, Beverly Tate, has died.

The rapper paid tribute to Tate through a series of photos and videos posted on his Instagram account Sunday. He shared a picture of himself next to Tate with the caption, “Mama thank u for having me.”

In another post, he uploaded a photo of his mother holding a bouquet of flowers. He wrote, “Thank u god for giving me an angel for a mother.” The rapper also shared a video of himself listening to music in a dark room and a following post with the words, “Till. We. Meet. Again.”

On Monday, Snoop Dogg shared a video from one of his performances where he addresses the crowd and says, “Before we leave, we’re gonna play this record for my mama. And I want you all to sing this record with me,” as Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” plays. 

He continued to mourn Tate’s death by adding tributes to his mother from friends, including writer and producer Lena Waithe, to his Instagram stories. 

The musician’s father, Vernell Varnado, also acknowledged his son’s loss on Instagram. He wrote, “Snoops mom has passed today can all my fans pray for our family we need it more than ever Thanxs.”

Snoop Dogg had previously opened up to fans about his mother’s health struggles on social media. In July, he posted a photo of his mother in a hospital bed surrounded by her three sons. “Happy Sunday me and my brothers went to c mama today and she opened up her eyes to c us and let us know she still fighting,” he told his followers at the time. “God is good thanks for all the prayers 1 day at a time.”

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