Shia LaBeouf lost his mother two weeks ago. The actor revealed the sad news in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

Shayna died of heart failure on August 27 at the age of 80. Her passing came just one day after Shia responded publicly to the drama surrounding Olivia’s film Don’t Worry Darling. 

On August 26, Shia released a statement in which he denied claims that he was fired from the film. He also leaked a video Olivia sent him in which she could be seen seemingly pleading with him to continue working on the movie. 

THR reported that Shayna died at a hospital in LA and that Shia was at her side during her final moments. 

Shia said in the interview:

“My mother was full of fear in her last moments: asking the doctor what this tube was and what that machine did. She was frantic. She was deeply interested in God and spirituality her whole life, but she didn’t know him. Hence her last moments.

Her greatest gift to me was to promote, in her dying, the necessity of a relationship with God. Not an interest, not just a belief, but a relationship built on proof as tangible as a hug. Her last gift to me was the ultimate persuasion for faith. She was a good girl. She was loved by many and known by too few. God bless you, Momma.”


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