Limited Run Games has announced that Nightdive’s recent Shadow Man: Remastered is getting some love in the form of a physical media release. Pre-orders for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch runs of the game are up now, with the extra special “Classic Edition” variant for both.

The standard version of Shadow Man: Remastered from Limited Run Games has the game in cart and disc format for the Switch and PS4, respectively. However, for those who are nostalgia geeks, the Classic Edition is something to behold.

For starters, you have the above cart/disc version of the game, but that in turn comes packaged in a Classic Edition box that replicates the original Nintendo 64 packaging of the original Shadow Man. For added effect, a non-functional retro Shadow Man N64 cartridge is included, along with an 18″x24″ double-sided Shadow Man poster, and a copy of the Shadow Man: Remastered soundtrack.

Pre-orders for either version are open until March 27th at 11:59pm ET. But if you’re just content on having the digital release of the game, you can snag it right now for a discount in Humble Bundle’s “Overwhelmingly Positive Gems” bundle.

And for you Powerslave: Exhumed fans, Limited Run Games are also prepping for a special physical release for that one, as well.

Shadow Man: Remastered is also available on Xbox One and PC.

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