Selena Gomez is bravely opening up about her own mental health journey. 

On Wednesday (May 18), the 29-year-old entertainer attended the Mental Health Youth Forum at The White House in Washington, DC, alongside First Lady Jill Biden. 

Both Selena and the First Lady spoke at panel hosted by MTV Entertainment. They addressed the stigmas that surround mental health. 

At the event, Selena spoke about her own personal mental health journey, saying:

“Just to throw in a little bit of my journey, I felt like once I found out what was going on mentally, I found that there was more freedom for me to be okay with what I had, because I was learning about it. Bringing attention to mental health through media or just by talking about your journeys can help.

It sets the example that it’s a topic that can and should be discussed freely and without shame.”

She continued by stating how personal mental health is for her and how she hopes she can use her platform to help others:

“Mental health is very personal for me, and I hope that by using my platform to share my own story and working with incredible people like all of you. I can help others feel less alone and find the help they need, which is honestly all I want.”


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