Global royalties group CISAC on Tuesday launched a new initiative to support artists and creators in Ukraine.

Called “Songs for Ukraine,” the project has created digital playlists of original Ukrainian music that supporters can play, promote and share across multiple platforms, with royalties for their use going directly to the Ukraine artists.

The project was conceived and created by the music authors society Artisjus in Hungary, which compiled three Spotify lists of Ukrainian music, one of local pop music, one of hip-hop, electronic and rock music, plus a massive, 12-hour list of songs that crosses all genres.

“Songs for Ukraine is a simple but brilliant scheme to help Ukraine’s creators, by having their works played across the world,” said CISAC president and ABBA co-founder, Björn Ulvaeus. “I would like to see platforms and broadcasters join the campaign and do all they can to support it.”

Several collection societies that work with CISAC, including Korea’s KOMCA, are collaborating with the initiative, working with the major local digital platforms to post the Ukrainian playlists on their homepages. The Songs For Ukraine project is part of the #CreatorsforUkraine initiative, which raises funds and support from creators worldwide. Creators for Ukraine is also asking for contributions to a fund created to support Ukrainian creators and refugees.

Details of the project, as well as the playlists, can be found here.

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