John Prophet is coming back to celebrate his 30th birthday. The comic book hero, who is set to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal in an upcoming movie, is returning to print with a facsimile edition of Prophet No. 1, reprinting the hero’s first solo comic. Creator Rob Liefeld has also enlisted dozens of artists to help re-create Prophet No. 1 as a remastered comic.

“Prophet is symbolic of the early ’90s Image Comics that fans identify with and love as much as anything released during that period. It electrified a generation of comic fans! “ states Liefeld “Prophet is my best-selling solo hero by a mile.”

The artists set for the remastered edition include Liefeld, Dan Panosian, Philip Tan, Ed Piskor, Dan Fraga, Marat Mychaels, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli and Karl Altstaetter.

Liefeld introduced John Prophet in the pages of the Image Comics series Youngblood before the character struck out on his own in 1993. He could be described as the anti-Captain America — a DNA-enhanced super-soldier from the World War II-era who awakens in our time after being put in cryogenic freeze for a future mission.

Liefeld is executive producing the Gyllenhaal feature from Extraction director Sam Hargrave and Studio 8. Image Comics will release the Prophet No. 1 facsimile in February 2022, with the Prophet No. 1 remaster hitting in March. Read on for a preview.

Prophet Comic Book

Prophet Comic Book

Prophet Comic Book

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