Rob Kardashian has taken the stand in his ex Blac Chyna’s ongoing trial against his family — and he made some emotional revelations in his testimony. 

The 35-year-old reality star said that he met Chyna on Instagram and that “everything happened very quickly” after he initially reached out to her. 

He spoke about how he was at the “lowest point” of his life when they were together, and declared that to be the reason he stayed with her throughout their very troubled relationship:

“I was probably at the worst place in my entire life, at my weakest, lowest point. She was the one person who brought me in at my lowest point. 

So I ignored her bad behavior towards my family. I was very vulnerable. I wasn’t thinking about that stuff. My mind was just in a completely different place.”

Rob admitted that they did not have”real love” and that he cared about her because of their child, a daughter named Dream:

“My child wasn’t born out of spite.

It wasn’t a real type of love or we’d have been married. I didn’t want to be married to someone like that. It was a toxic relationship and nothing I’d want my daughter to see, or how I was raised or how my father raised me. It was a toxic relationship from day one.”

He also spoke about the fight that he and Chyna had back in December 2016, where she allegedly pointed a gun at him as well as hit him with a six-foot metal rod:

“She landed several blows to my body, face, and back with a six-foot metal rod. I’m not gonna fight a woman or hit her back. I’m gonna take those blows.

You don’t put a gun to your fiancé’s head. It got very scary when a gun was put to my head. I tried to make it work as long as I could for the sake of our daughter.”

Rob claimed that Chyna tried to “kill” him that evening, and that she was drinking and doing drugs on the night of that fight. 


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