Ricky Gervais has entered the chat.

The British comedian and five-time Golden Globes host has weighed in on the infamous Oscars slap.

Gervais, of course, went right for the most sensitive part of the whole Will Smith vs. Chris Rock head smacking incident.

The comedian posted a scene from his acclaimed U.K. version of The Office with his obnoxious David Brent character telling a group of stunned employees: “Particularly for his wife. And she’s got alopecia. So … not a happy home life.”

Left out of the clip is the first part, where Brent says, “I know someone who is an alcoholic and it is no laughing matter — particularly for his wife…”

Smith slapped Rock upside the head after the comedian made an on-stage GI Jane joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. The actress has alopecia, though it’s not clear whether Rock knew that at the time of the joke.

Smith, who went on to win the best actor trophy, apologized on Instagram on Monday. The Academy has since opened a formal review after condemning the onstage act of violence.

Gervais also tweeted how he imagined a conversation might go between Rock and the Academy after the incident:

Chris Rock: “G.I. Jane was a great movie though.”
The Academy: “G.I. Jane was not the target of the joke, the target was a woman who is suffering from hair loss.”
Chris Rock: “Next time, I won’t mention the movie.”
The Academy: “No, don’t make jokes about people’s personal problems.”

Gervais also tweeted this:

As well as this collection of Oscars audience reaction shots imaginging they were to the viral moment:

Before the ceremony, Gervais was asked what he would say onstage if he were hosting the ceremony.

He tweeted: “I’d start with ‘Hello. I hope this show helps cheer up the ordinary people watching at home. If you’re unemployed for example, take some comfort in the fact that even if you had a job, your salary probably wouldn’t be as much as the goody bag all the actors have just been given’” … and then: “I’m proud to announce that this is the most diverse and progressive Oscars ever. Looking out I see people from all walks of life. Every demographic under the sun. Except poor people, obviously. Fuck them.”

Gervais has never hosted the Oscars and claims he would turn the gig down if asked. He explained on The View in January: “You know, the great thing about the Globes was they said I could write my own jokes, say what I want, and not rehearse. And that is just too good for a comedian to turn down. I don’t think the Oscars ever would allow me that freedom. And rightly so! I think they’d be mad.”

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