Ray J is spilling all the beans on what went down between him and Kim Kardashian, that infamous sex tape, and more. 

In a brand new interview with Daily Mail, he is sharing his side of the story, dropping the bombshell revelation that it was his idea to leak his sex tape with Kim — and that Kim and her mom Kris Jenner were both in on the plan! He stated:

“I’ve never leaked anything. I have never leaked a sex tape in my life. 

It has never been a leak. It’s always been a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and me and we’ve always been partners since the beginning of this thing.”

He went on to reveal that he and Kim “enlisted her mother Kris Jenner to organize its release via Vivid Entertainment” – a process he had little to do with. He alleged that a contract was signed by both Ray J and Kim for three videos, including not one but two sex tapes. Only one sex tape was released. 

He also addressed the laptop that Kanye West delivered to Kim on her Hulu show, detailing what was actually on it:

“It wasn’t a sex tape – it was a lot of pictures, a lot of little mini videos and a lot of proof we’ve been talking over the years [since they split in 2006]. If you send me an email in 2008, the computer doesn’t change the date on it. So, in 07 it happened [Kim got in contact], Kanye could see we were talking consistently in 07, 08, 09 through her sending me texts and videos and stuff.”

Ray J said this about the alleged existence of multiple sex tapes:

“She knows there’s nothing else. I don’t have a tape to leak. I’ve never leaked a tape. I don’t have a plan to ruin them.

When I put on the comments that all of this is a lie, I didn’t mean Kanye coming to meet with me about some second sex tape. I mean all of this is all a lie. From the beginning of us putting this sex tape out, this has been the biggest lie in the industry in the history of entertainment.

They’re not letting the world know that there’s a bunch of sex tapes that we made but they’re not going anywhere because she has them all. I’ve never had them to watch and to enjoy.”

He said that all of the sex tapes were with Kim:

“She kept them all – she had to go find that tape [Sex Tape Cabo #1] and then present it. I never had a tape in my possession in our whole relationship. I never had a single one at my house – she had them at her house. She’s always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed.”

About that comment Kim made on her show where she said there was never another sex take unless Ray J was “sticking a dildo in my a**” while she was not aware, which he did not like because it made him sound like a rapist, Ray J leaked a DM exchange where Kim told him:

“If you’re upset about the dildo comment it was clearly a sarcastic joke and I was laughing when I said it.”

She allegedly promised her team would clarify it was a joke, saying:

“Hope this helps and I’m sorry to hear how this has affected you.”

Ray J said he leaked their DM exchange for this reason:

“I felt like this was her only chance to try and make this right. In the texts, I demand her to call me immediately or I’m going to go and tell my story.

So she responds immediately with all of these different plans and ideas that will make me feel better. At the same time, you’re [Kim] telling the whole world that I’m a horrible person and I haven’t spoken to you and how could I do this to you?

If you look at the DMs, you can see that she’s continuing to try to keep me in a box – only what she can do to make me feel better after they killed my name. Only because she knows everything I’m saying is true – she never denied on these DMs anything that I’ve told her.

I asked her on the DMs, how do I explain to my daughter this is a lie. If you’re worried about your family, what about my family? If they didn’t come back and show how they really were, how greedy and slimy they really were, I would never have had the enthusiasm or the will to go out and speak my truth.”

He declared that he had to come out and speak his truth because he wants to show people, especially his three-year-old daughter Melody, that he is not a bad guy who disrespects and exploits women:

“Where in this whole story did Ray J become the person who leaked the tape and who’s made their lives miserable? How do you believe that Ray J is the enemy of all enemies when we’ve been partners from the beginning of the sex tape being released up until now? We’re all still making money.

But yet you go with defame me and blame me over and over and I can’t do nothing but defend my honor and speak out and tell the truth.”


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