A protest outside Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday took a violent turn.

The protest, which according to the Los Angeles Times was against COVID-19 vaccine requirements, took place around 2 p.m on the south lawn. According to the LAPD’s Twitter account, one male attendee was stabbed when a fight broke out, while another was treated by the fire department.

“No arrests have been made but an investigation is ongoing,” said the LAPD.

The crowd included several hundred people, some of them holding American flags. In videos posted to Twitter, some attendees appeared to be members of the far-right Proud Boys.

Media correspondent Frank Stoltze, who was at the scene, tweeted about the treatment he received. “Something happened to me today that’s never happened in 30 yrs of reporting. In LA. ⁦@LAist I was shoved, kicked and my eyeglasses were ripped off of my face by a group of guys at a protest – outside City Hall during an anti-vax Recall @GavinNewsom Pro Trump rally.”

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to the LAPD for further details.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a motion to require residents to prove vaccination status before entering public indoor spaces, such as restaurants, gyms, bars, movie theaters and other entertainment venues.

“Your decision to remain unvaccinated doesn’t just affect you — it affects us all,” wrote City Council president Yuri Martinez on Twitter as the news of the vote was announced.

The vote follows a mandate in New York that mandates residents show proof of vaccination to enter such venues.

Over 6.3 million residents in L.A. County have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, leaving nearly 4 million unvaccinated and more vulnerable to infection and hospitalization.


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