Pink is dropping major bombshells. 

In a recent appearance on Sirius XM’s radio show with Howard Stern, the 43-year-old singer revealed some interesting information regarding her fellow artists in the industry. 

She spoke about the pop icon who “doesn’t like” her – Madonna! Pink shared:

“Madonna doesn’t like me. I don’t know why. Some people just don’t like me. I don’t understand it. No, I do understand it, I’m a polarizing individual.”

She went on to say that a 2003 talk show incident may be the reason for this:

“She is, man, f—-, I loved her. 

She tried to kind of play me on ‘Regis and Kelly’ and I’m not the one, so didn’t work out. It’s such a silly story and I f—-ing love Madonna and I love her no matter what, I still love her. She was such an inspiration to me, but it sort of got twisted around that I was like fan-girding and was dying to meet Madonna, when in actuality she invited me into her dressing room.

And so, I just said a joke when Regis Brough me out, he’s like, ‘I heard you’re just falling all over yourself backstage, how does it feel.’ I’m like, ‘I thought she wanted to meet me.’”

She added that it “didn’t work out for us.”

Pink then touched on her ‘complicated’ relationship with Linda Perry, whom she collaborated with on her albums Missundaztood and Try This before they ended their relationship. 

Howard brought up the fact that Linda gave the song “Beautiful” to Christina Aguilera and not to Pink, who reportedly wanted to sing the track herself. Pink stated:

“One great thing about Linda is she will pull perfection out of you, and she did that with Christina… that song ended up where it was supposed to be. Christina sounded incredible on that song. That song, it found its home.”

She said that what happened with their relationship had nothing to do with Christina:

“Linda and I’d relationship was very, very complicated. Very complicated. She always said I burst her bubble and she was so much happier when she was left along and that she never wanted any of this. 

When I was working with her, I felt betrayed when she went on to work with everybody else, because then she became the pop hit maker. No, I thought what we had was special. 

[Linda] is so talented and she just went on to be all these things and that was the part that hurt. It had nothing to do with Christina. It had to do with all of it.”


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