Celebrity photographer turned filmmaker Jeff Vespa has opened doors to Verge Studios, a new photo and video rental studio space.

Located at 1634 South Central Ave. in Glendale, Verge Studios is comprised of several units including “Stage One,” a 4500-sq-ft. space with 17 ft. ceilings and a drive-in garage door, “Stage Two,” a 625 sq ft. space with 20-foot ceilings that can be used for fittings, casting, interviews and smaller shoots, a kitchen and a production space, among other features.

Vespa previously used the space for his own shoots and as an extension of his digital magazine Verge, but he opted to open it up for rentals after realizing the dearth of production spaces on the eastside of Los Angeles. “I realized there was a real need in our area,” the Los Feliz-based Vespa tells The Hollywood Reporter.

He partnered with art director Keith Evans and production designer Jeff Everett to “bring this to life,” by adding a second space and expanding it to make use for all types of shoots and the production teams required to support them.

“I think especially because of the pandemic people are really looking for private spaces that they can feel comfortable in where they know it is controlled and safe,” Vespa says. “During COVID we have booked some major ad campaigns along with photoshoots, music videos and some livestreams.”

As for Vespa, he is currently at work on a PSA campaign for the Humane Society International after having completed work on behalf of the Go Campaign for its recent virtual gala. He’s eyeing a 2021 release for his Voices of Parkland documentary, the release for which got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Verge Studios

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