Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are facing legal issues. 

The former couple’s former nanny, Ericka Genaro, is reportedly suing them for discrimination. She is also alleging that she was terminated by the pair over her mental health. 

If you can recall, this is not the first time that Ericka has been in the headlines. In October of last year, the nanny dropped some wild claims about Olivia and Jason’s relationship. Among the bombshells she revealed were that Jason laid underneath Olivia’s car to keep her from seeing Harry Styles, and that Olivia stepped out on Jason with Harry.

The court documents obtained by outlets state that Olivia “abruptly left the home where she lived” in November 2020, and that “Wilde’s sudden absence from the home had an adverse consequence on its emotional state, including Sudeikis leaning on the presence of [Genaro] for support.”

Ericka alleges that Jason asked her to “stay up at night after the kids were put to bed to talk.” Their discussions, she says, “naturally evolved to speaking about Wilde.”

Things did not get better for her as time went on, as “the pressure of [Genaro] not only being the primary caretaker of the children, but also filling in Wilde’s absence for the children, became debilitating.” 

She is claiming that she and Olivia at one point met up to talk about “becoming anxious and stressed with the situation at home” and she felt a “genuine sense of relief and comradery” after their talk, only to learn that Olivia shared the whole conversation with Jason. The lawsuit continued:

“[Genaro] was stunned at the abrupt announcement, and her heart sank because of its significance — there was no peace when confiding in Wilde. Sudeikis then asked [Genaro] ‘do you trust me?’ as part ‘gotcha,’ part threat and part confirmation [Genaro] was on Sudeikis’ side.”

The nanny claimed her “anxiety and stress did not get any better” when Jason and Olivia’s split went public, and that she sought the help of an osteopath to help her through “physical pain, anxiety and stress.” She says she was advised by the osteopath to take a “three-day medical leave of absence because of her mental health” but was subsequently fired on the spot. The complaint states:

“When [Genaro] responded she is under the osteopath’s orders to not speak with anyone because of her anxiety, Sudeikis terminated her on the spot.”

The nanny wants “loss of earnings, deferred compensation, and other employment benefits” from the lawsuit and that she believes she had been fired “because of her disability of anxiety/depression, and for seeking the reasonable accommodation of a three day leave of absence for same.”


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