It’s been quite a year for Olivia Rodrigo, who made a splash on the music scene last year with her wildly successful hit “drivers license.” Since then, she’s gone on to top the charts with her debut album Sour; earned a whopping seven Grammy nominations; was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year; and is debuting her concert film Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film).

Ahead of its release, the singer and actress caught up with The Hollywood Reporter to chat about the new film and her whirlwind year. During the conversation, Rodrigo notes that visiting the White House might top the list of exciting opportunities she’s been fortunate enough to participate in. 

“One of the coolest moments was getting to go to the White House and meet Joe Biden,” Rodrigo says. “I just remember walking the halls and being like ‘Wow, I’m literally at the White House right now because I wrote a few songs in my bedroom. How cool is that?’ Music is so powerful.”

Aside from a visit with POTUS, the last year also brought the performer’s smash hit debut album SOUR. Its film counterpart, driving home 2 u, gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at making the album and features new musical performances as well as an inside look into Rodrigo’s songwriting process.

As for one of her favorite songs to write, the singer says, “I wrote the song ‘happier’ by myself and I wrote it on the set of a show that I was filming,” the singer says. “It’s so funny — inspiration just strikes at random times. I was in between takes and I was like ‘Oh, I have this idea,’ and then I just wrote the song on set. So that’s always fun when you kind of get a lightning bolt of an idea.”

The film dives deep into the album’s themes of heartbreak and growing into your own. When asked for the best piece of advice she was given about dealing with a broken heart, the singer offered some wise words, encouraging people to hold those in their life close. “I just think female relationships and female friendships are so much more important and fulfilling in my life than any relationship with a boy. I’ve just gotten so much love from my girlfriends lately and that’s something that helped me a lot.”

Outside of debuting her new film, Rodrigo is also hitting the road and gearing up for her first-ever tour, making stops across North America and Europe. The singer, who noted that she hasn’t had the opportunity yet to perform live for many of her fans, says the song she’s most excited to perform off her debut album is “brutal.”

“It’s so good,” she told THR, adding that it “hits so hard I always love being at a concert and really rocking out to a song, so I hope people rock out to that one.” 

Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film) debuts on Disney+ March 25. Watch the video above for more on this story and the latest entertainment news and updates.

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