A woman who sued Nicki Minaj and her husband for allegedly harassing and intimidating her after she accused him of sexual assault has dropped her claims against the rapper — though potentially not for good.

Jennifer Hough sued Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty in August, leveling the extremely serious allegations that he had first raped her and then both of them had intimidated her not to speak out about it, claims that Minaj and Petty have strongly denied.

But on Wednesday, Hough dropped Minaj from the case without explanation. The claims against Petty are still live, and the filing only asked to have Minaj dropped “without prejudice,” meaning Hough can refile those claims whenever she wants.

The move to drop Minaj came after months of messy procedural wrangling. First, attorneys for Hough accused Minaj and Petty of failing to respond to the case, moving for a judgment by default. Attorneys for Minaj responded she hadn’t been properly served and that such a default was inappropriate.

This story first appeared on Billboard.com

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