Nick Carter has got Backstreet Boys in his DNA by this point — but as it turns out, he was actually almost in another very popular 90s group instead!

The 42-year-old singer dropped this revelation while chatting with BSB bandmate AJ McLean at the 90s Con in Hartford last weekend. 

Nick revealed that he could have been part of the Mickey Mouse Club!

He told the fans at the con:

“I got offered a contract, and I turned it down. I was supposed to be on the same team as Britney [Spears] and Ryan [Gosling]. 

And I got an option to go in for a Backstreet Boys audition. [AJ] was there.”

Nick went on to share that he was then faced with choosing between either the “$50,000 contract from the Mickey Mouse Club and Backstreet Boys, which had nothing really going for it.”

Ultimately, as we all know, Nick chose the Backstreet Boys. And we all know that was right where he was supposed to be! 

We can’t imagine the Backstreet Boys without Nick!


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