New York

York City is recognized the world-over and it’s a truly splendid place to visit
with its contemporary living standards and its broad and ever-increasing
cultural diversity of residents. What’s not to love? NYC packs more to see and
do into one compact area than any other place on earth. Here, you’ll get to
experience the best of both worlds, man and nature, with some naturally
beautiful scenery like those found at Central Park or the breathtaking views
over the city from one of the numerous skyscrapers – all combined with the
modern bustle and experiences of modern city living. Technically, the New York
City region is comprised of five boroughs all conveniently placed where the
Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Each borough is unique and diverse with
its own roster of must-see destinations, adventures, landmarks, great
restaurants, cultural hot spots and unforgettable day and night

epicenter of this great city has to be the Manhattan area, not just because it’s
very central but because it captures the look and feel of New York City, almost
like it’s the heart of NYC. Manhattan is a densely populated
city-slash-residential area that’s a buzzing nod of activity and as such
Manhattan is highly regarded as an extraordinary place that’s well-known for
its world-class facilities which are considered in high-esteem amongst the
world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. A few of Manhattan’s
iconic landmarks include majestic skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building
and the easy-but-busy sprawling Central Park. Other notable places include the
Broadway theater which is conveniently located amongst the neon lights of Times
Square which is also a great place to visit your local pub for a drink or catch
a tasty slice of pizza! The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan to the borough
of Brooklyn, where there’s a variety of neighborhoods that span across cultures
and economic profiles from Williamsburg – a hotbed of indie music, art and
nightlife – to beachfront Coney Island and its amusement parks. In New York
City there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

Other locations to visit on your next trip through New York City should include Queens which is home to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, with its 12-story 1964 World’s Fair globe sculpture, the Unisphere. Then there’s the Bronx, NYC’s northernmost borough which is most notably known as the home of underground hip-hop but that’s not all, it’s also home to the landmark New York Botanical Garden and the internationally renowned Bronx Zoo. The Staten Island Ferry links Manhattan to NYC’s southernmost borough with stunning views of the city skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Although the inner-city doesn’t seem like the first one of the places that springs to mind when you’re picturing an ideal vacation, New York City actually has a lot to offer the exploring heart. There are great and plentiful things to do, from visiting museums and the Statue of Liberty to checking out some of their magnificent viewers from the Empire State building – or simply just catching a ride along the Brooklyn Bridge. A trip to New York City is the experience of a lifetime with famous attractions like Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium — to name just a few. 

of Interest:

not just a museum but a piece of history that endeavors to commemorate the
September 11, 2001 attacks, which killed 2,977 people, and the 1993 World Trade
Center bombing. Here visitors will get to witness some life-changing events and
hear testimonies as you reflect on what it meant, and how it changed the fight
for freedom and liberty. If history and discovering modern heritage is your
thing then this is a definite must-do. Be sure to buy yourself a souvenir so
you can take home a few memories of your own. 

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Why not
see it from above, all at once? Now you can experience the best views of New
York City from inside the warmth and safety of a helicopter complete with large
floor-to-ceiling convex windows. The great thing about flying is you’ll have
the chance to take it all in with stunningly beautiful views over Central Park,
the Hudson River, and New York Harbor, including the Intrepid Sea Air Space
Museum. But that’s not all, you’ll also get to cruise past the Rockefeller
Center, Empire State Building, the World Financial Center, and the Chrysler
Building, as well as the iconic Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Greenwich
Village, South Street Seaport, and the 126-year-old Brooklyn Bridge. Talk about
an action-packed tour that’ll have you interested every single moment from
lift-off to landing. Tours include expert narration so you’ll learn a few new
things and you’ll be able to ask your guide questions along the way. So, what’s
stopping you? Nothing!

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Take a
moment from the busy streets to explore the galleries of one of the world’s most
visited art institutions. Here you’ll get the chance to see some of the most
influential pieces of art that’ll open your mind to modern and evolving forms
of modern culture all while you enjoy the company of your fellow art
aficionados. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to discover a wide
selected of works in their collection while accompanied by an expert in art
history. With their specialized knowledge and a truly personally-tailored
approach, they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have all while
creating a unique and memorable experience you’re sure to enjoy. All tours
begin with a magnificent sunset viewing of the Temple of Dendur, whereafter
visitors get to explore the majestic temple as if you were on the shore of the
Nile at dusk. But that’s not all, shortly after you’ll get to work your way
through the American Wing, where the building’s original copper lights
illuminate the wing’s emblematic golden Diana sculpture. It’s truly a
one-of-a-kind experience and no matter what your interest or level of expertise
is, you’re guaranteed to leave the museum with a deeper understanding and an
increased affection towards the collections. 

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York is rich in its diversity and history and there are lots of new and fun
things to experience in the Big Apple. There’s one experience however that tops
that list, and that’s visiting the One World Observatory to bask in their
awesome views across the panorama of the city. All it takes is a mere 47
seconds to begin your journey as you ascend via a SkyPod to the top of the
tallest building in the Western Hemisphere – how cool is that? And these are no
ordinary elevators too as they offer an upwards thrill of speeds that top
28mph, so you better brace yourself. But that’s not the best part either,
during your trip upward you’ll get to enjoy a remarkable feel of the city’s
history as the SkyPod provides a virtual time-lapse visual experience showing
how the view of New York City has changed from the 1500s to today. Once you’ve
reached the top and you’re finally up at the Observatory you’ll get to enjoy
scenic yet iconic sights and views of the city, its surrounding waters, and the
vista of the Manhattan skyline and beyond. If the views aren’t enough for you,
then take a moment to really embrace the experience of being at the apex of one
of the most influential cities in the world. Breath in the crisp air and
immerse yourself in the bustling crossroads of the world at the See Forever
Theater. Engage with City Pulse and One World Observatory’s global ambassadors
as they share all the history and tell you unique and educational stories of
this amazing city. You can also take a break and enjoy some fine dining and
drinks at the Café, One Mix Bar, or One Dine Restaurant. Though, if you’re
feeling more adventurous and looking for a real thrill then visit the expansive
Sky Portal where you’ll get to walk high above the streets of New York.

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visit to New York City is quite complete without checking out the icon Statue
of Liberty. Although there are many tours on offer we recommend visiting for
a variety of affordable tours all offered by knowledgable guides who’ll be able
to make your experience a truly memorable one. They offer a priority ticket
which helps you skip the line and experience the wonder of the Statue of
Liberty a little more holistically. You’ll begin your half-day tour at Castle
Clinton where you’ll be greeted by your onsite guide who’ll be ready to help
you enjoy a truly memorable experience. Here you’ll be able to collect your
ferry ticket for travel across to and from the islands, ensuring a seamless and
hassle-free tour. Now the fun part, as you get to board the Statue of Liberty
Ferry and enjoy a brief ride with impressive views of Lady Liberty, the
Manhattan Skyline, and New York Harbor. Take in the sights while sitting back
and being transported safely to some of the world’s most popular attractions.
The tour offers it all, sights, guidance, and educational material. Pick up
your multilingual audio guide for the Statue of Liberty once you’re firmly on
Liberty Island and start your journey as you discover the history and grandeur
of the Statue of Liberty. Visited by millions of people, the monument has
become a universal symbol for freedom and the American ideology of life and
liberty. Wander around at your own pace, spending extra time at the spots you
find most interesting. Hop onto another ferry to travel over to Ellis Island.
For over 62s, this island was America’s busiest immigration station. Millions
of people from all around the globe passed through here looking for a new
beginning and a new life for their families in America. Once you have finished
touring Ellis Island at your own pace you can enjoy the ferry journey back to
Battery Park where your journey started. 

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are more awesome New York City tours on offer and another eye-catcher from is the Empire Stae Building. Depending on the option selected,
you can skip the ticket line with a General Ticket or skip all the lines with
the Express Ticket – available online. The Express Ticket also includes a
flexible date feature allowing you to visit whenever within 1 month of your
scheduled ticket date. You can plan your visit around the weather when you are
in New York. Your entrance also includes a unique downloadable multimedia
experience that is available in nine languages. The app also includes videos,
image galleries, quizzes, and maps showing nearby points of interest. The New
Empire State Building Experience not only gives you access to the legendary New
York City landmark, allowing you to soar 1,054 foot (320 meters) high and enjoy
magnificent 360-degree open-air views of New York City and beyond. If there
ever was a top three places to see in New York City, the Empire State Building
would definitely be one of them. 

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York City is an awesome place to experience things at any time of the day, so
why not experience some of New York at sunset on a 2-hour cruise of the harbor.
Here, you’ll get to take in all the sights and lights of Manhattan aboard a
climate-controlled boat built for comfort and sophistication. This is
definitely an experience to share with others so take your friends, family, and
colleagues and embark on a truly memorable adventure of the harbor with
“Lady Liberty” keeping a close watch! With a drink in your hand,
purchased from the fully stocked bar, feel the breeze on your face and be
mesmerized by the shimmering skyline. Get endless photo opportunities to make
you an Instagram star as you sail past legendary attractions such as the Statue
of Liberty getting you perfect views of the Freedom Tower – One World Trade
Center, Empire State Building, Pier 54 (Titanic Pier), Battery Park and more.
See where millions of immigrants were processed when they arrived in America at
Ellis Island, cruise past Governors Island, the South Street Seaport and
Brooklyn Bridge. Get unrivaled views of the Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg
Bridge, and the Chrysler Building, and discover the East Village, United
Nations Building and USS Intrepid Pier from a different perspective. Download
the Skyline Navigator App to your personal device before you set sail to
enhance your cruise experience with audio and written commentary in English,
Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Talk about the
perfect tour!

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awesome tour to consider is the Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO tour where you’ll
meet outside the Tweed Court House to begin an informative 2-hour walking tour.
Beginning with the establishment of Brooklyn, once an independent city, then
moving on to discuss the borough’s diversity and its position as the most
populous section of New York City today. Here you’ll also have a view of some
of the most prominent landmarks of Lower Manhattan. Approaching the Brooklyn
Bridge you’ll learn about the roots of ferry travel across the East River, the
politics behind the building of the bridge, and the trials and tribulations of
the Roebling family – the designers of the famed bridge – and their
contributions to the life, history, and heritage of the city. Listen to
riveting facts and stories about the construction of the bridge, its immigrant
builders, and how it encouraged commerce between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Along
with getting background on other bridges, buildings, and monuments, while
crossing the East River you’ll have several photo opportunities as you traverse
the Brooklyn Bridge and descend into the trendy Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan
Bridge Overpass) neighborhood. All this sounds like the perfect opportunity to
take some unique family pictures – and selfies. While in Dumbo, stroll the
cobblestone streets still crisscrossed with old Brooklyn trolley-tracks and
lined with historic architecture. Once crumbling warehouses now contain
upmarket condominiums, restaurants, shops, boutiques, and galleries. As the
tour comes to a close in Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can take in scenic
waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

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to modern-day technology and social media there is more awareness than ever
before about the imaginative artists who bring walls, buildings, and even
entire neighborhoods to life with their vibrant creations. Join this
extraordinary 2-hour walking tour in Bushwick, Brooklyn to see fascinating
works by globetrotting innovators and creatives. You’ll be shown a large
variety of artistic murals both large and small as you explore the lively
streets all pulsating with a tangible sense of creative energy, in a district
rapidly becoming a world-renowned center of street art, as well as New York
City’s graffiti cultural locus. During your walk you’ll be fully immersed in
the culture and lifestyle of today’s contemporary urban artists, who hail from
as far away as Europe, South America, and even Asia. Learn about the top
contemporary artists and their quirky personalities, and find out just how much
people have been willing to pay for their work. Discover the different styles
and forms of the trade, which includes various art forms such as murals,
wheatpaste posters, tags, and stencils. Learn about the techniques employed and
how they have developed and evolved over the years into a reputable form of
creativity and personal expression. This is the perfect tour if you want to
learn more about this exploding phenomenon, or if you simply would like to see
for yourself the very best street art New York City has to offer.

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city got its famous nickname horse racing

common term “Big Apple” was used to describe a big money prize at important
horse races held around the city. 

oldest building was built in 1642

It was
called the Wyckoff Farm, a Brooklyn house that was originally built in the
1640s by a former indentured servant. 

first taxis were originally red and green 

were the colors of the official taxi operator in the early 1900s. The common
color yellow was only adopted in 1912.

are over 800 languages spoken in New York City

This is
mainly due to the city’s diverse culture and its inhabitants which hail from
all around the world.

history of the Statute of Liberty 

iconic statue originally arrived in 350 pieces all packed in 214 crates.
Interestingly, the arm holding the flame arrived a decade early and was put on
display to help raise funds for the project. 

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