With their dark fantasy RPG Weird West landing at the end of this month, Devolver Digital and developer Wolfeye Studios have released a massive 42-minute developer gameplay video. The gameplay video has Weird West Creative Director Raf Colantonio and Lead System Designer Gael Giraudeau playing through parts of the game’s second journey as the hulking Pigman.

One of several characters players will be able to choose from in their playthroughs, The Pigman is a cursed half-man, half-pig character who retains his human intelligence and ability to talk, but has lost his memory. The character is also understandably treated like a monster, requiring players to think creatively when it comes to navigating peaceful towns and completing quests.

Originally scheduled for release this past January, Wolfeye Studios’ Weird West arrives March 31 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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