NBCUniversal Formats said on Wednesday that the first international version of Universal Television’s NBC medical drama New Amsterdam will be produced for Turkey.

The Turkish adaptation Hayat Bugün, meaning “Life Is Today,” will be produced by 03 Medya in association with Universal International Studios. Original show creator David Schulner is consulting on the series. It is scheduled to air in Turkey on Show TV in 2023.

The series will follow Dr. Bariş, the newly appointed chief of medicine at one of Turkey’s most famous and oldest public hospitals, as he works to reform the neglected facility by tearing up its bureaucracy to provide exceptional care to patients using creative solutions. 

Hayat Bugün boasts an exciting ensemble cast led by Ulaş Tuna Astepe playing Dr. Max Goodwin (“Dr. Bariş Güvener”), who will be joined by Hazar Ergüçlü as Dr. Helen Sharpe (“Dr. Suzan Mayer”), Tansel Öngel as Dr. Floyd Reynolds (“Dr. Aras Demirci”), Hande Doğandemir as Dr. Lauren Bloom (“Dr. Derin Nalbantoğlu”), Mert Denizmen as Dr. Iggy Frome (“Dr. Andaç Sağlam”) and Şerif Erol as Dr. Vijay Kapoor (“Dr. Ali̇ Haydar Oruçov”),” NBCUniversal Formats said.

The original New Amsterdam was inspired by Dr. Eric Manheimer’s memoir Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital and his 15 years as medical director at the hospital. It was created for television by Schulner, who has also served as executive producer alongside Peter Horton. Produced by Mount Moriah, Pico Creek Productions and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, the show’s fifth and final season is set to premiere on Sept. 20.

The original cast included Ryan Eggold, Freema Agyeman, Jocko Sims, Janet Montgomery, Tyler Labine and Anupam Kher.

New Amsterdam is licensed internationally by NBCUniversal Formats, part of Universal International Studios, a division of NBCUniversal’s Universal Studio Group.

“I couldn’t be happier to work with 03 Medya and the talented team behind Hayat Bugün,” said Schulner. “They’ve taken the hard-earned optimism of New Amsterdam and made it their own. Turkish audiences are in for a real treat.”

Added Ana Langenberg, senior vp format sales & production, NBCUniversal Formats: “We are very excited to partner with 03 Medya to produce the first international adaptation of New Amsterdam. Together with David Schulner we will bring Hayat Bugün to life in a way that connects with Turkish audiences, celebrates local culture and honors what made the original so special.” 

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