Netflix has revealed details of nine new Polish-language series and nine feature films that will roll out on its  streaming service in the coming months.

Shortly after announcing plans to set up its East European hub in Warsaw, Netflix has doubled down on its Polish-language originals, on Tuesday unveiling details of the lineup of new Polish series and movies.

In a blog post, Anna Nagler, Netflix’s head of local-language series for Central and Eastern Europe, and Lukasz Kluskiewicz, content acquisitions head for the region, shone the spotlight on the company’s new Polish slate.

Upcoming feature films include Leszek Dawid’s true-life adventure epic Broad Peak, the near-future dystopian drama The Hive from director Mateusz Rakowicz, and Maciej Bochniak’s Freestyle, which stars Maciej Musialowski as a young rapper.

New Polish series coming to Netflix include the crime drama Detective Forst, directed by Daniel Jaroszek and based on the books by Remigiusz Mroz, the black comedy The Green Glove Gang, about a trio of thieves hiding out in a nursing home, and the futuristic drama A Girl and an Astronaut, about two pilots competing for a chance to go to space, and for the love of the same woman.

“Since the beginning of Netflix’s journey in Poland, we have been in awe of the creativity of the local entertainment industry,” Nagler and Kluskiewicz wrote. “Together with Polish writers and directors, we have created a number of bold and inspiring films and series that have traveled around the world and resonated with viewers of all backgrounds and ethnicities.”

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