Netflix and Japan’s Nippon TV have agreed to a new distribution deal that will see the streamer adding 13 popular anime titles to its platform.

The first three titles to stream debut on Sept. 1, and include Ouran High School Host Club, Claymore and the first 38 episodes of HUNTER X HUNTER. The other titles included are Death Note, Death Note: Relight 1 and Death Note: Relight 2, From Me To You, From Me To You S2, Berserk, Parasyte: The Maxim, Nana, Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! and Monster.

The non-exclusive agreement is the latest in a series of deals between Netflix and Nippon TV. Previously, the streamer launched Nippon’s Old Enough! to stream worldwide.

Netflix has aggressively pushed into the anime space in recent years, signing several content agreements with Japan’s biggest entertainment companies. The company claims that half of its estimated 222 million subscribers watched some anime on its service in 2021. 

During the AnimeJapan convention in Tokyo in April, Netflix revealed that it would launch 40 new anime titles, spanning a growing range of genres, in 2022 alone.

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