To raise your property financial worth, it is very important to mow it regularly and do it properly. Even if you have only recently planted it and the grass has come down is too early to compare with a dense grass cover.

The first haircut should not be postponed. If you miss the right moment, then some seedlings will not grow further, and after rain, they may not rise at all. By mowing it regularly, it can raise your property’s financial worth.

Lawn mowing care tips for raising your property’s financial worth

1. Proper watering

Insufficient watering may weaken the resistance of the lawn, making the lawn susceptible to diseases and weeds after mowing. Overwatering can cause the lawn to lack oxygen. Likewise, this can lead to physical disease and root damage. Irrigation or rainfall should be fully utilized. Ensure your lawn is getting enough water in the growing season after mowing. This way, it will raise your property’s financial worth. 

2. Environmentally friendly fertilization

Fertilizing lawn when mowing should pay attention to environmental protection. After fertilization, the spilled chemical fertilizer should be removed in time. Also, the driveway should be cleaned to prevent the spilled chemical fertilizer from flowing into the streets and sewers with rainwater or other channels, thereby causing waterway pollution. This will raise your property’s financial worth.  

3. Pest control

Another lawn mowing care tip for raising your property’s financial worth is carrying out pest control. A lawn that lacks good maintenance after mowing is susceptible to insects. So, before using pesticides, you should first check the lawn’s fertilization, irrigation, and weeding measures. Improvements in these measures will reduce pest infestation and make lawns healthier and more beautiful. 

The larvae of several insects chew on the roots of the grass in the spring and summer after mowing, causing damage to the grass. Insecticides can also work if the larvae are near the soil surface. In early to mid-July, use insecticides to remove pests. 

4. Embellish the lawn

You can use the reciprocating trimming method to mow the lawn with a stripe or block pattern similar to the professional baseball field. Using the round-trip mowing method can bend the leaves in opposite directions to refract sunlight in different directions, resulting in different grass colors. So, to raise your property’s financial worth; you need to embellish the lawn as the lawn mowing services.

5. Recycle shredded grass

Instead of discarding the shredded grass, it is better to recycle it by using a shredding mower or increasing mowing frequency to raise your property’s financial worth. Rather than forming a hay layer, these grass clippings provide valuable nutrients to the lawn, reducing fertilization. 

Recycle shredded grass

6. Control of broad-leaved weeds

Broad-leaved weeds such as dandelion appear in spring, and herbicides specially designed for broad-leaved weeds can be used to remove them. Among the herbicides for broadleaf weeds are liquid agents, which are more convenient to use than granules. This will raise your property’s financial worth.

7. Lawn loosening

Special ventilation equipment can be used for lawn loosening, but the ventilation process is relatively slow. It is unnecessary to aerate the lawn if it is free of soil compaction and hay problems.

Important of regular mowing of your lawn

1. Prolong the green period of the lawn

Regular mowing helps to prolong the green period of the lawn. Proper mowing of the lawn before and after winter can extend the green period of warm-season grass. Also, adequate lawn mowing in summer can enhance the ability of cool-season lawns to survive summer.

2. Reduce and inhibit the occurrence of insects, diseases, and weeds

Regular mowing is important in reducing and inhibiting the occurrence of insects, diseases, and weeds. The moderate height of the lawn after mowing can improve the density and aeration of the lawn. Also, it reduces the occurrence of diseases and insect pests and effectively inhibits the growth of broad-leaved weeds with higher growth points in the lawn. 

3. Ensure nutrients to the grass

Regular mowing is beneficial to ensure the nutrient demand of grass. The grass roots, after mowing, store and absorb nutrients. This provides the nutrient demand of grass regeneration after cutting, which is the lawn mowing services. If the lawn has been trimmed many times, its elasticity is enhanced. 

After stepping on the lawn, it makes people feel elastic and increases the wear resistance of the lawn grass. Inhibiting the upward growth of the grass through mowing can promote the germination of new branches at the base of the grass, promote lateral growth, and increase the density of the lawn. 

4. Remove excess leaves 

Regular mowing of your lawn helps to remove excess leaves. This benefits the sunlight to reach the lawn base and improve the photosynthesis of leaves at the base.   

5. Control the growth period of grass 

Under the induction of specific light conditions, grass begins to transform from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. With regular mowing, tillers are stimulated while the inflorescence is removed. 

6. Maintains the grass growth at a certain height 

Regular mowing maintains the grass growth at a certain height. This promotes grass metabolism and increase the density and flatness of the lawn. Also, it makes the bright color green and the plants robust.  

grass growth at a certain height

Basic rules of mowing your lawn

  • Theoretically, you can mow the lawn with a trimmer, lawnmower, with a hand scythe, or even cut with garden shears. But the trimmer pulls out the weakest blades of grass from the ground. It is difficult and inconvenient to use scissors, and the scythe cuts off the tops extremely unevenly. Therefore, it is still better to use a cylindrical gasoline lawn mower for mowing a lawn.
  • You cannot mow the lawn immediately after rain or watering, as the mower will break through ugly furrows in the muddy soil. Also, its knives will not evenly capture slippery wet blades of grass. It would be best if you did not mow on a hot afternoon because the grass, which is already difficult in the heat, will relieve stress from pruning. The best time for a haircut is a warm evening on the second day after watering.
  • Mowing the lawn is supposed to be in a certain order. As a rule, at first, in one pass, mowers mow the grass on two opposite edges of the lawn. Then, perpendicular to the beveled sides, the main part of the lawn is cut in parallel stripes. To ensure there are no uncut blades of grass left on the site, the mower wheel is moved along the strip mowed during the previous pass. The edges of the lawn are trimmed with long-handled garden shears.
  • For the clearing to be perfectly even, each time, it is cut in the direction perpendicular to the previous cut.
  • Mowing, essentially a cutting operation, takes a lot of vitality from the grass. To soften the shock of this procedure, the plants are watered and fed after mowing.
  • Do not leave cut grass on the lawn. Those plant cuttings that did not fall into the mower’s storage during the mowing process are collected with a rake immediately after mowing and then sent to the compost heap.


Mowing your lawn becomes the very crucial thing when raising your property financial worth. This happened even if you have planted the grass recently. To attain this there is need for care tips that need to be carried out. This can be proper watering, environmentally friendly fertilization, and pest control. Also, it can be embellish the lawn, recycle shredded grass, control of broad-leaved weeds, and lawn loosening.  

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