Any time a dev mentions Silent Hill as one of the inspirations for their game, we’re interested. Developer MystiveDev hopes to capitalize on that inspiration with their upcoming psychological Survival Horror game, Mirror Forge, which is set for release on September 29 on PC through Steam, and even has a demo available for download.

The story for Mirror Forge puts you in the unfortunate shoes of Thomas Jackson, a troubled man whose drunk driving two years ago resulted in his girlfriend Jill’s coma and the loss of their baby. Compounded by his job loss, Thomas tries to commit suicide.

Or does he? Thomas finds a piece of paper that talks of a strange experiment where the “Mirror Forge exploded” and shattered space and time. From there, something came from the Outside that feeds on people’s fears, twisting reality to face them with their inner demons.

The official trailer details the game’s core mechanics, including using mirrors to traverse dimensions, the use of ancient artefacts to reveal “moments frozen in time”, and puzzle-solving in the game’s open-world environment. Another key mechanic is sound, where you can avoid enemies by listening for their whereabouts, particularly since they’re invisible.

And in keeping with the Survival Horror theme, there will be chase sequences that see you fleeing from these entities, or die trying.

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