A good memory can make a difference in many contexts: at school, at university, and at work. Whether we want it or not, knowing how to memorize quickly often gets us out of trouble. How would you feel if you could: Prepare for a university exam in a few days? To memorize that work report in a matter of minutes? Remember the name of everyone you meet? Do not forget about that deadline for the essay and not google at the last moment – write my essay fast.

How To Memorize?

If you’ve been able to speed up your reading, then it’s time for more memory, and there are very effective memorization techniques to do this. Here are some memory techniques remember.

1. Memory 2.0

Improving one’s memory means being able to access memories already present better and faster. Yes, but how? Here’s how it works. Whenever you need to quickly memorize names, dates, numbers, facts or concepts follow this ladder:

Create a tag in your mind to identify the source of the information to remember. For example: “Prof. Rossi’s lesson”.

Create a label to identify the subject of the information to remember. If it is an economics lesson on the causes of the economic crisis, use the tag “economic crisis” (what a fantasy!).

Create a funny image that associates the source tag with the object tag. In our example, you might think of prof. Rossi from the stage begins to sing a “memorable” song about the trend of the stock market indices and the economic crisis. The funny image stimulates the so-called emotional memory, especially useful for quick reminders.

Finally, create an image to identify key concepts to remember. In our story, you could use the members of the musical group, associating each of them with a keyword. And now try to forget Prof. Rossi’s lesson on the economic crisis, if you can! You see, it will definitely work and you won’t need to look for someone who could make your wish come true – do my homework for me.

2. Immediate Memory

Sometimes what matters is the time factor. Maybe you have to prepare for your university exam in a few days, or you have to remember important information without being able to write it down, or … you just want to memorize the number of that girl you met at the disco and your cell phone is dead! Or you want to remember that name of writemyessays websites, so you could use it when the right time comes. 

In short, there are a lot of situations in which knowing how to memorize quickly can really make a difference. In these cases, you can use the “immediate memory” technique.

Here are the 5 steps to apply it:

  • Believe. Convince yourself that you will remember the material (it’s a bit like pressing the red REC button).
  • Want. Want to remember the material (this will strengthen your memory capacity).
  • View. Look or mentally repeat the material once, clearly.
  • Command. Order your brain to remember the material (do you feel a moron emeritus in doing so? Great: the stronger the emotion you associate with the memory, the easier you will recover it).
  • Review. Look at the material one last time.

Try it now with this article.

3. Permanent Memory

Permanent Memory

Your grandfather remembers a poem he learned in elementary school, and you found out yesterday on Facebook what your high school classmate was called. Remembering information for years is not that difficult, just apply a simple mental review technique. By the way, just in case you also need some help with your essays, here is an article for you – WHY YOU PROBABLY NEED AN ESSAY WRITING SERVICE.

If you want to learn how to study for your baccalaureate, university exams, or any other test that will happen to you in life:

  • Every 20 minutes of study, make a list of the points you want to remember and review them for 5 minutes.
  • At the end of the day (before bedtime), review the list of key points for 5 minutes.
  • After 3 days, review the key point list for the last time for 5 minutes.
  • These memorization techniques have been an integral part of my university study method; we are sure that, if you know how to apply them with dedication, you too will get amazing results.


Try using these tips and you will see that eventually your memorization skills will get better and you become a better student than you are now. 

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