Coming soon from Gun Interactive (Friday the 13th: The Game) is an upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game, and the characters have been revealed this week.

The unlucky victims of Leatherface and his family, that is…

The game will feature classic villains from the movies as well as new family members, and the events of the Chain Saw game will take place *before* Tobe Hooper’s original classic.

Oh and Kane Hodder is playing Leatherface! The developers haven’t yet revealed Leatherface’s family members, but we do at least now know who they’re going to be targeting.

Gun teases the plot today, “A group of five young adults led by Ana Flores set out to search for her missing sister. What they found was terror beyond their wildest nightmares.”

Over on the game’s official website they’ve introduced those “victim” characters today, including Ana Flores as well as her friends Julie, Leland, Connie, and Sonny.

Ismael Vicens, Executive Producer, Gun Interactive, explains, “When we sat down to think about the Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, we had two things we kept circling back to – will people enjoy playing these characters as people, and do these characters make sense as a group that would be friends? The first question is really important; you’ve got to give them enough personality for players to latch on to while leaving room for them to identify with and inhabit these individuals. It means we dove as deep into thinking about them as we did the new Family members. The second answer is helped along by the first. We wanted a diverse group of friends that would – surface level – strongly correlate to differing playstyles. Thinking about those relationships (Who is better friends with who? Why are these two friends?) helped us to create a group that feels natural together, even if they’re very different from one another.”

The Gun Interactive team further notes in this latest update, “Knowing that we have five capable characters at your disposal for a four person team means syncing up with the other players around you to either double their efforts or balance their shortcomings. Cooperation is the strongest tool at their disposal, but single handedly they all are capable of putting up one hell of a fight, in their own unique and distinctive ways.”

Learn more about each of the characters right here!

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