Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dungeon crawler now and then? Ars Goetia’s upcoming title Hellslave looks to scratch that itch, and has a new story trailer for you to devour while we wait for the game’s release later this year on Steam.

Sharing a similar art style with Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon, the trailer for Hellslave casts you as making a deal with the Devil to save humanity from a demon invasion by swearing allegiance to one of six demons. With that particular demon’s power, you’ll be scouring the land to repel the invaders. However, as these things go, your bargain has consequences.

Drawing its inspirations from dark fantasy universe, poems and artists such as John Milton, Hellslave allows you to customize your character around a passive skill tree, discovering and experimenting with dozens of skills and demonic powers, and combining them for various effects. You’ll be travelling to various villages and graveyards to retrieve old relics to aid in the expulsion of the demonic invaders, all the while battling everything from demons, zombies and ghosts.

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