Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. out-boxed but failed to knock out Logan ‘The Maverick’ Paul in their exhibition fight on Sunday in Miami.

YouTuber Paul, 26, went the full eight stipulated rounds with undefeated hall of fame prizefighter Mayweather, 44 at the “meme event” fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, although the bout ended in a chorus of boos as no winner was declared as per the rules.

The boos will mean little to Mayweather as the result does not sully his perfect 50-0 sanctioned fight record and he walks away with tens of millions. He also warned everyone in the build-up to the event, describing the fight as “legalized bank robbery.”

The “draw” will be seen as a moral victory for Paul, who, unlike his last challenger Conor McGregor, managed to survive in the ring with Mayweather. Boxing fans and wags on Twitter were quick to point out that Paul was now the only Mayweather opponent to not lose.

Much like the fictional Rocky Balboa, Paul made up for a complete lack of boxing skill with lots of enthusiasm and a solid chin, taking a number of shots from Mayweather. But it was very much a one-sided affair with Mayweather using his technique and experience to manage the fight to an anti-climatic conclusion and would have won by some distance had there been judges scoring the fight.

Sunday’s exhibition was subject to a set of elaborate and farcical rules. The fight was a maximum of 8 three-minute rounds. There were no judges scoring the fight, although a KO can occur. Additionally, Paul was not allowed to weigh in higher than 190 pounds the day before the bout and he was penalized $100,000 for every pound that he was over his weight limit.

The fight was televised on Showtime pay-per-view for $50, with the network experiencing technical issues before the fight.

No fight purses have been made public, but news reports suggest Mayweather stood to make $100 million and Paul $20 million from the fight.

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