Lily Collins has just revealed that she was almost part of an iconic TV show!

During an interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, the 33-year-old Emily In Paris star candidly shared that back in the day, she had auditioned for a role on the original CW Gossip Girl!

Curious about which role she tried out for? Well, it turns out she had auditioned for the part of Jenny Humphrey:

“I tested for Gossip Girl. I did. I did for Jenny. I did back in the day.”

Lily went on to reflect on the role, which she came close to getting:

“I got very close on that. My life would’ve been so different. I mean, I would’ve moved to New York. I wouldn’t have been able to finish at my high school. I mean, I was 17 or something. 

Oh, I wanted it so badly. [Laughs]”

Jenny Humphrey was played by Taylor Momsen on Gossip Girl.


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