With Have a Nice Death hitting Early Access next week, developer Magic Design Studios has released a new trailer for the roguelike. Called the “New Hire Orientation” video, the trailer serves as a “proper introduction to Death Inc.” and its workings, aka setting up the story for the player.

As mentioned previously, Have a Nice Death is expected to remain in Early Access for a year, with the team focusing on “feature and content-complete, with a concluding narrative, the full measure of gameplay elements, and additional components.”

Have a Nice Death put you as the Grim Reaper himself having to sort your employees out at Death Inc. You’ll be making your way through the procedurally-generated departments in the company, handing out punishment with your trusty scythe, along with 30 other weapons and spells. And since Death can’t truly die, when you’re “beaten”, you can use what you’ve learned and earned to overcome the minions and bosses in each department.

Have a Nice Death arrives March 8 on Steam.

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