We now know for certain that Lena Headey was part of Thor: Love And Thunder, the fourth installment in the beloved Marvel franchise. And we also know that her role was later cut out. 

All of this is confirmed as the Game Of Thrones actress faces a $1.5 million lawsuit from her former U.K. agency Troika. The agency is claiming that she owes them money for unpaid commission fees on a number of projects – including Thor 4. 

Lena was apparently cast in the film by director Taika Waititi. Her role was cut from the final version of the movie, which drops in theaters next weer.

Troika is claiming that the actress owes them $500,000 in unpaid commission fees for her work in the Marvel movie. Reports have it that the lawsuit states Troika was owed 7% of her salary for the film. This means that Lena was set to are $7.14 million for her role in the project. 

Lena is disputing her former agency’s claims, saying that Taika approached her directly for the project. 


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