Traditional games for children usually involve puzzles or video games, but there are always those that offer the excitement and challenge of both — 3D model kits! With this game, you can unplug life’s stresses, wrestle away from digital screens, and have a tranquil pastime.

Among the most popular model kits are replicas of military vehicles. With these models, you can expect accurate and detailed features that are impressive on display and fun with play. You could expect such military models to look like the real thing, making it even more enticing for kids and adults.

What Are Military Land Kits?

Military land kits or tank models are small-scale models of military vehicles. You could already picture these models as super-detailed equivalents of real-life vehicles. Models can even vary in complexity, depending on their realistic counterparts. There are even those that capture realistic interiors!

Not only do military land kits vary in complexity, but it also does in shape. Although these are comparatively smaller than the real ones, different models also have different sizes and brands. Nevertheless, every tank model is a formidable opponent to those who want to indulge in them.

How Do I Play It?

Since it would come in a box, you would need to build the model with the marked parts and an instructions manual (there are already indications on where you would need to insert the parts). 

Likewise, you would need to use glue when building. It’s so that the pieces will stick together and don’t fall apart. Unfortunately, most military land kits are plastic, so it would be nearly impossible for them to stick together. 

After assembling your model, you can even paint it. Although some models come pre-painted, some aren’t when it lands on your hands. Typically, these models don’t have glue and paint included when you purchase them, so you’d have to go to the store for them yourself. If you order online, you can receive it for 24-48 hours. But of course, the delivery time will vary. 

Why Do People Love It?


Have you ever wondered why numerous people are into these kits? What makes it so great that even adults love tinkering with these items? You can get to know the reasons by reading it below.

1. Can Cure Boredom

If you’re looking for a new activity, you’d need to look no further than these model kits. With these in your hands, you’d never have to think about killing boredom since your model kits have already done it. You could even purchase many of these kits to keep you occupied for as long as possible.

Additionally, the fun doesn’t end when you finish the puzzle or put it on display since it could also be part of your playtime! For example, you could collect historically-accurate models, play with them however you like, and keep them on display after doing so. You could also add these models to your kids’ toy boxes if you want to!

2. You Can Play It In An Individual or Group Setting

Model kits are for everyone — which is why they’re also great if you want to assemble the pieces by yourself or if you want to do it with others. If you want time for yourself, these models give you such since you’d need time, patience, effort, and focus on thinking about how each piece fits together all by yourself.

Likewise, you could even get your family or friends to do it with you. You could expect the puzzle to be done faster, especially since a lot of hands are working on just one piece. Whether alone or in a group, indulging in these puzzles will be an experience to look out for.

3. Can Be Challenging

You shouldn’t take these model kits too lightly (even though there are models with markers placed within them). Model kits could also be quite a challenge, especially with those that include many parts. 

Additionally, assembling individual tank tracks could also be tricky for a newbie. However, if you want to step up your game and go for a more complex challenge, you could even go for complicated models with realistic interiors.

Benefits of Playing It

Model kits are not only fun for kids and adults but are also beneficial health-wise. Since you’re dealing with instructions, reenacting such instructions, and thinking about the overall model, you could expect your problem-solving skills, historical knowledge, and even your attention and memory to be tested. 

1. Improves Problem-Solving Skills

You can first expect your problem-solving skills to be tested. Executing instructions can be more difficult than just reading them out of a pamphlet, so you’re constantly thinking about where to start, what piece to attach first, and how to assemble the piece successfully. 

For this reason, your cognition and problem-solving skills play a vital part in finishing the land tank kits.

2. Teaches History

These model kits are replicas of the exact thing. Hence, you’ll also get the bonus of gaining historical knowledge and background of the real thing. From a Tamiya M24 Chaffee to a US Tank Destroyer M10, you can’t deny the historical accuracy that these model kits offer. Not only are you getting the fun part, but also an educational component for kids and adults.

Likewise, you could even do a background check on every model you build. You could look up specific models of historical figures if you want. This way, your model piques your eyes and your mind. 

3. Trains Attention And Memory

Since you’re constantly using your brain to plan, organize, execute, and strategize to remember details and instructions, you’re taking your cognitive skills into account and putting them to maximum work. With this, you could sharpen your mental skills.

It’s even useful for the elderly since these skills often decline as humans age. Thus, taking on land tank kits allows your cognition to work and improve those skills.

Final Thoughts

Model kits are the new fun, standing equal to video games and traditional puzzles. With these, you can replenish your energy, hone your cognition, and reconnect with family and friends. Be sure to order one today and enjoy the model kit soon after!

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