Khloe Kardashian is candidly addressing what other people say about her in the media. 

The 37-year-old reality TV star opened up in a new interview with Variety about whether it is still tough for her to deal with the tabloids and all the terrible things that are being said about her:

“It definitely is tough. None of us get it — my sisters will talk about it, like, ‘Why are they so much more vicious towards you?’ We don’t have an explanation for that. None of us really understand, and there’s no rhyme or reason. 

The more it happens, the more you become numb to it, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely immune to it. So, I do have my days. Sometimes I’ll hear or see something and you just feel the weight of the world, and you tend to have a pretty bad day – but it’s a day; not a life.”

She went on to share what her mindset is:

“You move on and you remind yourself how many great things are in your life and all these blessings. The good definitely outweighs the bad. You’ve just got to roll with it. 

But you always have to check in with yourself and say that you know who you are and you’re a good person. You have to talk to yourself a little bit and remind yourself all these good things, because you do tend to hear a lot of negative in this position. This isn’t ‘woe is me,’ but sometimes you have to remind yourself about all the good, because the negative can consume you. And that’s not the reality.”

Khloe was likewise asked about what was the most hurtful thing that was ever said about her, to which she said:

“Oh my goodness. There’s a lot. When I was younger, always being compared to my sisters in a way where I can’t be related to them because we look different. It was always emphasized that they were so much prettier. And that’s just really poor taste.

Those things were definitely really hurtful, just to always be compared to them, especially in the fashion or beauty world comparing our bodies or faces. Also, I’m very vulnerable and very transparent and I’ve had my relationships in the public eye. If your significant other is doing something wrong, for the woman to be blamed, that’s always been really hurtful for me. I’ve never quite understood that instead of there being some sympathy or like, ‘Wow, that must really suck to have to go through that.’ And not only go through it, but then go through it so publicly. 

I don’t even care if people have sympathy. I just don’t understand why there’s so much finger pointing – like it must be me. That’s a heavy thing to carry.”


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