Khloe Kardashian is opening up about matters of the heart. 

In a new interview with Robin Roberts, the 37-year-old reality star made some rare comments about her on-again, off-again boyfriend and father of her child, Tristan Thompson — as well as their controversial relationship. 

Khloe admitted that she and Tristan just weren’t meant to be together, though she did feel happy with him at the start:

“I think at the end of the day all of us just aspire to have blissfulness. We want to be happy and we want to feel safe. 

With Tristan I did feel incredibly safe in the beginning. I felt really good for a time.”

She welcomed their daughter True on April 2018 amid a very high-profile and public infidelity scandal. She spoke about the cheating and why she still let Tristan be present when she gave birth:

“I remember when he cheated on me right before I gave birth and I was able to still have him in the delivery room. 

And so, yes, it might’ve looked strange to the outside world, but when my daughter watches my home videos, those videos are going to be as pure, as perfect as I was able to make them.”

And she stated about her former flame:

“I still think he’s a great guy and a great dad. He’s just not the guy for me.”


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