Josh Peck and Drake Bell have been synonymous with each other for a long time due to their hugely popular show Drake & Josh. Years after the show ended, fans were crushed when news broke that Drake was not invited to Josh’s wedding, leading to everyone wondering if the two were no longer friends. 

In his new book, “Happy People Are Annoying,” Josh candidly addressed his relationship with his former co-star. 

He said this about the nature of his relationship with Drake currently:

“The world wanted to believe that we still shared a bedroom even if we weren’t filming the TV show, but once that was over, so was our connection. 

It was like camp, eventually everyone has to go home. Our names would become synonymous with each other forever. It’s a long life but there’s certainly a chance that Drake & Josh will be the most noteworthy thing either of us ever do.”

Josh also addressed the frenzy that came about once people found out that Drake was not invited to his wedding:

“This perhaps could explain why over a decade after the show ended, the world went insane when I got married and didn’t invite Drake to my wedding… 

People couldn’t fathom that we’d only seen each other a handful of times since the show ended.”

He likewise touched on Drake’s legal troubles, revealing:

“When Drake got into legal trouble, people ran to get my opinion. They thought I must have a take on this person I had spent so much time with, when in reality, it had been years since we’d talked and even longer since we’d seen each other. 

Which is why alongside everyone else who doesn’t know Drake, I was upset by the inexplicable events that unfolded in his life.”


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