Jo Lasorda, who was married to late Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda for 70 years, died Monday night in the couple’s longtime home in Fullerton, California, the team announced. She was 91.

“She was surrounded by her loved ones,” the Dodgers said in a statement.

Born Joan Miller, she attended Greenville High in South Carolina, where her classmates included future Oscar-winning actress Joanne Woodward.

She met her future husband at a Greenville Spinners minor league game, and they were married on April 14, 1950. (Tommy had to borrow $500 to pay for the wedding, she told the Los Angeles Times in 2011.)

The two were married until his Jan. 7 death at age 93 following a heart attack.

Asked by the Times what it was like to live with such a boisterous guy, she replied: “Everyone thinks I’m a wimp because Tommy is so outgoing. Who cares what everyone else thinks? I just wanted a family, a home and to be happy. And you know what, I’m happy he’s happy and he can do exactly what he wants to do.

“It’s been a great life, and we’ve done so much. Now I just want to do the things I want to do, like clean my garage.”

Survivors include daughter Laura, granddaughter Emily and sister Gladys. Her son, Tom Lasorda Jr., died at age 33 in 1991.

Funeral services are pending.

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