Jim Carrey on Wednesday continued to pay tribute to his friend and Canadian countryman Norm Macdonald with a video showing a prank pulled years ago.

The Saturday Night Live veteran died Tuesday after a long, secret battle with cancer. He was 61. His death shocked and devastated friends and fans. Carrey was among those who mourned via social media.

“My dear friend Norm Macdonald passed after a brave 10 year battle. He was one of our most precious gems. An honest and courageous comedy genius. I love him,” Carrey said via Twitter after news of Macdonald’s death broke.

On Wednesday, Carrey shared a video of a prank he played on Macdonald in 1999 while Carrey was working on Man on the Moon, the biopic about the legendary Andy Kaufman.

In the video, Macdonald arrives at the Universal Studios backlot to have lunch with Carrey, which was arranged to be on the porch of the house used in the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.

“During the filming of Man on the Moon, Norm Macdonald came to join me as Andy Kauffman for a lunch on the real porch of the Psycho house at Universal and was scare pranked by another famous Norman … Long live Norm Macdonald!” Carrey wrote along with the video.

The result is a wild jump-scare that Macdonald was completely not suspecting.

Watch the prank below.

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