Jessica Simpson is celebrating herself — as she should!

The star celebrated her 42nd birthday with a trip to the lake with her family. And she also took some time to reflect on how far she has come throughout the years.

Taking to Instagram, Jessica wrote an emotional tribute to herself alongside a snapshot of herself in a black dress, the moon beaming just behind her:

“Oh lil Mrs 43 look at you leanin’ into the moonbeams to recharge and radiate a purposeful glowing heart. 

I am very proud of my faith, resilience and strength over the last 4 decades. Everything in my life that has or hasn’t happened yet makes turning 42 very exciting because I know what it takes personally to remain inside of DETERMINED PATIENCE.”

She went on to share that she is finally her own best friend, saying:

“I know myself and I do love her very much. I know my purpose and I just say that ladies and gents I am equipped to waltz within every dream I own confidently. 

I am humbled and honored to finally be my own best friend.”

Jessica concluded with:

“Ok ✨42✨ time to Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Happy 42nd birthday, Jessica!


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