An ex of Britney Spears attempted to wreak havoc on her big day.


The pop star’s ex-husband Jason Alexander showed up at her house on the day of her wedding, attempting to get in. He claimed that Britney had invited him.


He went on Instagram Live to record his gatecrashing. He documented himself hiking the hills near Britney’s property. Jason declared on his Live:

“I’m here to crash the wedding because nobody is here except Sam. Where the f—k is the family?


So here’ the inside scoop of the bulls—t wedding.”


He could also be heard on the video looking for Britney and declaring that he is her first husband.

“No, my name is Jason Alexander. Britney invited me here. Britney Spears invited me here.


She’s my first wife, my only wife. I’m her first husband.”


Jason was confronted by security officers and taken into police custody.


According to Ventura Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Cyrus Zadeh:

“After 2:00 p.m, today, we received a call of a trespassing in progress. Deputies responded to Britney Spears’ residence where the call for service was.


When they arrived they made contact with Jason Alexander who was being detained by security, and it was determined that he had an outstanding out of county warrant for his arrest and was placed under arrest for that.”


He stated that police determined he did trespass onto Britney’s property:

“An altercation occurred between the security officers and Mr. Alexander, which resulted in the two security officers being battered by Mr. Alexander, and during that altercation an item valued at less than $400 was broken which is where the vandalism occurred.”


A source revealed how Britney and her inner circle were after the scary incident:

“Everyone was shocked. It threw the wedding schedule way behind because everyone had to stop to talk to security and police about what happened.”


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