James Corden’s nights on The Late Late Show are numbered. 

The 43-year-old late night TV star has revealed that he is going to be leaving the show in the near future. He extended his contract on the talk show for a year and will be bidding it adieu in the Summer of 2023. 

In a statement to Deadline, James said:

“It’s been it’s a really hard decision to leave because I’m so immensely proud of the show. I’m thrilled to be extending [for a year].

I always thought I’d do it for five years and then leave and then I stayed on. I’ve really been thinking about it for a long time, thinking whether there might be one more adventure.”

CBS exec George Cheeks stated:

“Seven years ago, James Corden came to the U.S. and took television by storm, with huge creative and comedic swings that resonated in a big way with viewers on-air and online. From Crosswalk the Musical to the legendary Carpool Karaoke, and every unique comedy segment he introduced, James has truly reimagined many elements of the late night format. He has also been the consummate network showman, entertaining audiences from his nightly perch at Television City as well as the Tony and Grammy stage.

In my two years at CBS, I’ve had the privilege to see James’ creative genius up close and experience his valuable partnership with CBS, both as a performer and a producer. We wish he could stay longer, but we are very proud he made CBS his American home and that this partnership will extend one more season on The Late Late Show.”

James addressed his decision to step down during the monologue for Thursday night’s episode of the show. He shared:

“I’ve some news of my own to share. Seven and a half years ago, I started hosting this show. It has changed my life. I love it, I love all the people who work here. I am so proud of what we have achieved. It has been beyond my wildest, wildest dreams. So I’m happy to announce today I’ve signed a new contract to carry on.

That’s really only half the story. The other half is the sadder news. I’ve sign for one more year of the show, and this will be my last.

When I started this journey it was always going to be just that, it was going to be a journey, an adventure. I never saw it as my final destination, and I never want this show to overstay it’s welcome. I always want to love making it. I really think in a year from now that will be a good time to move on to see what else is out there. We all determined to make this the best year we have ever had. We are going to go out with a bang … they’ll be tears, so many tears, ‘cuz this has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I never took this for granted, ever.”

By the time he leaves, James will have hosted The Late Late Show for just under nine years!


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