At its core, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II is an infected epic all about love.

Notable in more ways than one, the original game shined as an example of mature storytelling bolstered by personable characters you couldn’t help but be enamored with.

The Last of Us didn’t so much remind us of the potential of storytelling in games, as it redefined. This was an arduous task, one that The Last of Us Part II looked to expand on by increasing the narrative scope and tackling a bevy of new thematic and tonal elements.

Elements that we unpack in this week’s episode, in which Neil and I are once again joined by Newsweek’s gaming reporter and Bloody Disgusting contributor Harrison Abbott (@HarrisonAbbot13).

We discuss Naughty Dog’s divisive narrative direction, the importance of character relationships, expanding the TLoU’s world, the game’s relationship with violence from a narrative perspective, and the evolution of the infected’s morphology.

It all makes for a biting chat about one of the most memorable horror series ever.

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