Despite being released just last year, We Create Stuff’s psychological horror game In Sound Mind is the latest free game available on the Epic Games Store. As is the usual for the Epic Games Store, In Sound Mind will be available to download for free and keep from now until March 24.

Released this past September for the PlayStation 5, PC via the EGS and Steam, and the Xbox Series, In Sound Mind places you as therapist Desmond Wales. You must explore your patients’ minds to uncover what links them all together, and find the truth of what’s happened to the town of Milton Haven before you become a victim of your own mind.

In Sound Mind is also coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. And check out our review for the game.

The genre fun doesn’t stop after March 24, either. As WIZNWAR’s Demon’s Tilt will be the next free title for the Epic Games Store. Originally released in 2019 on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, Demon’s Tilt is heavily influenced by classic pinball games Alien Crush and Devil’s Crush on the the TurboGrafx-16.

Demon’s Tilt‘s story (if you can call it that) has you making your way across three screens on the board. Unique to Demon’s Tilt is the “hack ‘n slash” gameplay element, which allows you to use the ball to attack enemies and avoid obstacles.


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